What Your Food Cravings Can Say About Your Health

If you crave cheese

What Your Food Cravings Can Say About Your Health

Because cheese is a dopamine bomb, it is difficult to know the difference between a craving and a simple addiction. On the other hand, if you actually have a low-fat diet and you crave cheese, it could be a sign of a vitamin A or D deficiency, which dairy products are rich in.

Instead: Try eating nutritional yeast, which contains the vitamins without all the fat. If you’re going for cheese, then avoid the so-called “plastic cheese” present on most pizzas from commercial chains and try the low fat ones like feta or mozzarella di buffala.

If you crave chips

What Your Food Cravings Can Say About Your Health

…and actually all types of fried potatoes, like French fries. This very common craving can mean that you’re missing carbohydrates and healthy fats, especially omega 3. Fries are also a high source of sodium, since they are often very salted and a sodium deficiency can be caused by excessive sweating.

Instead: Replace unhealthy canola oil that is used to fry commercial potatoes with olive oil. Consume higher doses of salmon, nuts, and avocado. If you think you have a sodium deficiency contact your doctor.

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