Understanding 12 Different Types of Hunger To Prevent Gaining Weight And Stay Healthy

Cellular hunger

Dieticians Say There Are 12 Different Types of Hunger and Each Can Be Controlled in a Different Way

Ever wondered why small kids refuse to eat certain foods? It’s not the taste that leads them to do it, but their conscience tells them what to eat and what is not required for the body. However, as we grow up, we tend to ignore these voices from within, and do what our mind, our peers, and our books say. Don’t eat more sugar, eat less salt, etc.

What we need to do is distinguish between what our body needs and what our mind demands. If we are thirsty, we must look for water and not start eating. If we try explaining it scientifically, there are a few hormones that affect our appetite too. There are 2 chief hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Between these, leptin is the appetite suppressor, but unfortunately, it is higher in lean people and lower in fat ones.

How to control it: Our body needs to get a daily supply of vitamins, minerals, salts, fats, carbohydrates, etc. We must listen to our body’s requirements at various stages. It is better for us to drink a glass of water before choosing to snack. You might end up realizing that you were simply thirsty and didn’t really want to snack.

Hunger from stress

Dieticians Say There Are 12 Different Types of Hunger and Each Can Be Controlled in a Different Way

We have all heard this many times, that when you’re stressed you either starve or overeat. Well, you’re definitely going to regret the latter in the end. When stressed, we generally don’t pay much attention to what we are eating. You might not think about picking a cup of yogurt instead of a bag of chips. It won’t click to you at the time when all you are thinking about is your stress.

How to control it: It is not easy, but also not impossible. You need to be practical and think about the future consequences of eating without thinking. Pause for a while and look in the mirror. You will instantly realize that you will cause yourself more stress by eating in a mindless manner.

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