Understanding 12 Different Types of Hunger To Prevent Gaining Weight And Stay Healthy

Hunger is a very interesting phenomenon. It is not only a physical need, but an emotional one as well. At times you feel like just eating anything, like you are desperately hungry. Surprisingly, you often end up eating just a few bites. But there are other times when your sugar level is getting low, you feel dizzy, you are told to eat, and you don’t feel like eating. What actually triggers hunger? Is it the nutritional requirement of the body or there is more to it than just that?

We were intrigued by the various forms of hunger and decided to let the world know about it.

Stomach hunger

If you think the words stomach hunger indicate a legit category of hunger, you might be wrong? It’s actually not the stomach that tells us we are hungry, but we tell the stomach. We generally eat more because of a set meal schedule and not because we are actually hungry.

For instance, you might not be hungry in the afternoon, but as the clock ticks away toward the evening, you feel like taking your dinner break early. In short, a lot of times we eat just because it is time to eat and not necessarily because we are hungry.

How to control it: Assess your hunger carefully and notice if your stomach is really empty or are you just eating out of boredom or stress. Also, eat slowly and stop eating once you are a little more than half full.

Mouth hunger

Some dishes are just drool worthy. So much so, that you end up eating them just to satisfy your taste buds. Desires of the mouth keep changing. Sometimes it craves spicy food, sometimes dessert. At times, it craves crunchy food, and other times it wants something cheesy. This is not real hunger. Mouth hunger is only linked with cravings. Food is like entertainment for the mouth.

How to control it: It is not harmful to listen to your tongue’s demands. But, it is always in your hands to stop eating as soon as the craving is gone. Eating a plateful just to satisfy your taste buds is not wise. 2 or 3 bites can also do the same job. Don’t let the excitement overpower your tongue.

Heart hunger

Apple pie cooked by mom, that famous coffee shop’s latte, or an iced lemonade on a hot day? There are few things that you just feel like eating, and not because you are hungry. Heart hunger can also be termed as emotional hunger, that we try to fulfill to soothe not only our stomach, but our soul as well.

How to control it: You can’t ignore heart hunger, but you can surely control it. Watch your portion size. Don’t force yourself to finish it and take breaks in between to assess if you are feeling hungry anymore.

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