Top 10 Signs Someone’s Spying on Your Computer

3. Your computer runs slower.

10 Signs Someone’s Spying on Your Computer

If your computer is pretty new, and you notice that all of a sudden it doesn’t work as fast as it is supposed to, this is suspicious. It can be a sign that it’s infected with malware like a worm or a Trojan horse. Such dangerous software can come to your computer through programs that you download, as it’s often disguised as legitimate software. They consume a lot of the processor’s resources, which makes your computer run slower.

4. Webcam suddenly starts recording.

10 Signs Someone’s Spying on Your Computer

It’s not a good sign if you notice that your webcam records and the microphone is on all by itself. This can be alarming, because if someone is spying on you, not only are they trying to steal your data, but they can also take photos of you and record your voice. It’s better to cover your camera with some tape, turn your microphone on only when needed, and change your passwords frequently.

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