Top 10 Signs Someone’s Spying on Your Computer

Chilling in front of your screen on your own doesn’t always mean you are actually alone. Hackers never rest and are always looking for vulnerable places on your computer to steal your data. By clicking on different banners and sites you might let them into your computer without even knowing it. A low battery life, the slowing down of your computer, programs that are not responding, or an abruptly changed homepage can be some serious signs that someone else is using it.

We want to raise our readers’ awareness about data stealing by describing the signs that spying malware could be on your computer. In the bonus, we also included simple tips for how to avoid getting suspicious viruses and programs on your computer.

1. Laptop discharges too fast.

10 Signs Someone’s Spying on Your Computer

If some unwanted software is running in the background while your laptop is on, it uses its central processor power. Some programs like this can be spyware or viruses. A short battery life can also be a sign that someone’s cryptomining with your processor or it’s infected with malware. They cause a computer to get hot, and laptops to discharge way faster than usual.

2. Programs act up and crash frequently.

10 Signs Someone’s Spying on Your Computer

Hackers are always looking for new ways to collect your data. They can put a code into your apps to make them collect all the needed information. This can make an app run slower, act up, and crash a lot. To protect yourself, try not to put your financial data like your credit card numbers or codes into apps, and always create a complicated password.

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