Top 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Coffee

According to The International Coffee Organization, the level of coffee consumption is increasing by 10% every year. Making a really delicious cup of coffee is pure art, and you can learn how to do it if you follow some basic rules.

When you buy coffee beans, pay attention to their smell. If you can smell a burnt, moldy, or foreign odor or the coffee barely has any smell at all, that means the quality of the beans is unsatisfactory.

We want to share with you the 11 most common coffee-making mistakes that we’ve all made at least once.

11. You save on coffee.

11 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Coffee

The price matters. If you want to buy high quality coffee beans, saving money isn’t an opition. It’s worth remembering that the price of a coffee drink is directly connected with its taste, so really good coffee can’t be super cheap.

Tip: it’s better to choose moderately-priced coffee in specialty stores. Plus, a shop assistant can help you choose a good product.

10. You don’t use a coffee grinder.

11 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Coffee

Many people prefer to save their time and buy ground coffee. But that’s wrong! Ground grains can spend weeks lying on supermarket shelves and it completely distorts their flavor and changes their taste.

Regardless of whether you buy ground coffee or decide to grind the beans yourself, pay attention to the degree of grinding. There are 5 degrees of coffee grinding: coarse, medium, thin, for espresso, and powdery. A coarse grind is perfect for a French press, the medium is suitable for a standard coffee maker, thin and powdery options are good for a European coffeepot.

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