Top 10 best toothache remedies that will give you fast relief from pain


home remedies for toothache

Among remedies for toothache, ice or ice cubes numb nerve endings, thereby alleviating the toothache. In case your nerve endings are exposed then do not apply the ice directly on the affected tooth. Wrap the ice in a thin cotton cloth and press it against the side of your cheek, closest to the aching tooth. Keep it there for some time. An acupressure technique wherein you rub the ice in between your index finger and thumb can prove to be quite effective for toothache too.


home remedies for toothache

Asafetida has been known to be good home remedies for toothache in treating bleeding gums, toothaches and other dental problems. Add one and a half teaspoon of asafetida powder to lemon juice and slightly heat it. Apply this directly on the affected part of the toothache to get immediate relieving results.

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