These 5 Dangers of Belly Fat That Doctors Warn Us About

No matter where fat shows up on our bodies, we always worry, especially when it’s in the form of a bulge in our tummies. If you’re a lady and your waist size measures above 35 inches, or if you’re a man and your waist size measures above 40 inches, chances are you have a large chunk of belly fat. According to doctors, this might be dangerous for your health.

We take health issues seriously, so we learned all about the dangers of carrying belly fat and want to share our findings with you.

This article is for informational purposes only. Please visit a doctor to get professional advice.

1. Higher risk of developing diabetes

5 Dangers of Belly Fat That Doctors Warn Us About

When your liver is covered with fatty tissue as a result of excess belly fat, it fails to process blood sugar well enough. This, in turn, traps sugar in your bloodstream instead of the sugar being processed by the liver. This might lead to you having a higher blood sugar level which can cause diabetes.

2. Higher risk of metabolic syndrome

5 Dangers of Belly Fat That Doctors Warn Us About

Developing metabolic syndrome is a risk you face when you have a large waistline. When you have belly fat and a large waistline, you can become prone to developing heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. People with a higher risk factor indicate they’re more prone to any of the diseases mentioned above.

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