The Unvarnished Facts About Flight Attendant Most People Misunderstand

Used planes are sold for spare parts.

I Work as a Flight Attendant and I Want to Tell You the Unvarnished Truth About My Job

  • The most expensive parts are the engines. An old Boeing engine may be donated to a different plane for $3 million, whereas a new engine costs about $25 million. The cockpit, parts of the salon, and the chairs are bought by flight academies for their trainings. I studied in one of them.
  • Even the seat belts are sold — $20 each on eBay.
  • Empty carcasses are bought by movie studios in order to show scary events, so every retired plane has a chance to become a movie star.
  • Planes with a history can find a job at a museum or decorate a national airport.
  • They may become hotels, bars, or cafes.
  • Some planes fly to work in different countries. Old doesn’t mean bad. Every airline has its own technical requirements: some get rid of their planes after 10 years, and some use them for 20 years or more.
  • But there are a lot of old planes in US deserts. For just $20, you can visit the biggest collection of them, AMARG, that has 4,400 planes.

The schedule

I Work as a Flight Attendant and I Want to Tell You the Unvarnished Truth About My Job

You have to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight. Plus the flight. Plus the time for the preparation of the plane for the way back. Plus the flight back and checking the cabin after landing. For example, the flight Moscow — St. Petersburg is an 8-hour working day. My personal record is 22 hours at work. But usually, we work for 13-15 hours.

What your destination depends on

I Work as a Flight Attendant and I Want to Tell You the Unvarnished Truth About My Job

  • Luck. The system processes thousands of inquiries using an algorithm nobody can figure out.
  • Position. The flight attendants from the economy class are more likely to fly to Thailand than business class flight attendants, because there are more people working in economy class and more of them are required for the flight.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages. On every flight, there should be a person who speaks the language of the country we are flying to. For example, Brazil will most likely be given to an attendant from Portugal, than me. So, this is why it is useful to speak foreign languages.
  • Time zones. After Asia, they won’t send us straight to the US, because even though we keep smiling, it is really hard. And in order to feel better, before the US, we will visit Europe.
  • Work experience. Now, I have a say in where I want to fly.
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