The Unvarnished Facts About Flight Attendant Most People Misunderstand

For several years, Marta has been living in the United Arab Emirates and working as a flight attendant on international flights. She was born in a small town in Belarus and she says that she felt a little bit too restricted there. She used to read articles about traveling, she watched the train cars leaving the station, and hoped to get a chance to work and travel. Marta has already visited over 50 countries and she is not going to stop.

We love her Instagram page and we are ready to share this story of the flight attendant who talks about her profession with a sense a humor and shares some life hacks with passengers.

4 pieces of truth

  • Why are short girls not hired to be flight attendants? This is about safety rules. There is no discrimination, you don’t need to be a model. But closing the shelves is our duty. A lot of emergency equipment is somewhere high, and it is important that we can get to it quick if we have to.
  • Is it true that planes don’t fly over the Bermuda Triangle? This is the area between the Bermudas, Puerto Rico, and Florida. Hundreds of ships sank there and even planes disappeared there. But for pragmatic aviation, this is not profitable because it takes a lot of time to fly around the areas. It takes a lot of fuel and money. Countries that are in the midst of war are really avoided. The Bermudas are a myth and it is unfortunate that the second point is true.
  • Why is there no row 13 on planes? There are still some superstitions on planes. Some airlines removed row 13. Obviously, it is there but it is named row 14 and it is right after row 12. And in order to satisfy Italian passengers, some airlines removed row 17: this number brings them bad luck.
  • Is it true that you can get high from the oxygen mask? This is what Brad Pitt said in Fight Club. You can get high for a short time for hypoxia — a lack of oxygen. The symptoms are dizziness, weakness, and… euphoria. Oxygen masks are there to deal with this. And oxygen tanks we use in very rare cases can calm a person down, get their breathing back to normal, and relax them. So, Brad Pitt was partially right, but he was wrong about the equipment.

How long a plane can last

The lifespan of planes is not counted in years, but in something called sealing cycles — that is how many times it has withstood pressure in the air. It affects the fuselage and wings, small cracks (wrinkles) appear that are hard to find right away but over time, they will be more noticeable. And once the corrosion starts, that’s it. Long-distance planes live longer: while one plane makes its way to the US (one cycle), a different one can do 5 full trips.

After the landing and before each flight, the planes are checked. There are additional mandatory checks: every 500 hours of flight, once every 3 months, every 7,500 hours, and every 10-12 years, the planes undergo a full-service where all the parts are removed, including the tail.

Truth and lies

  • Pilots don’t eat the same food at the same time.
    They are in the cockpit: one of them takes the fork, the other one takes control of the plane. Even though the food is prepared on the same day as the flight happens, digestion problems or allergic reactions are possible. This is why pilots can’t choose the same food. One of them can handle the controls, but the plane has to be landed.
  • If your phone is not in flight mode, the plane will crash.
    One functioning phone can’t cause problems in the navigation system but if everyone keeps their phones on, there may be trouble. New planes are less likely to be affected by cell phones and, in the past, phones were such a rarity, so it is more of a precaution. Otherwise, phones would be taken away at customs if it were a 100% risk. There have been no incidents, but anything can happen.
  • There are more and less safe seats on planes.
    If this were true, the prices on planes would be split into 2 categories: package “optimist” and “pessimist.” A plane is one whole piece: one row can’t be flying to Paris and the other one to Washington. We are all in the same “boat.” It is just that there are different situations: the tail may be damaged more, sometimes, the front door mechanism may be jammed. It is safe to fly with your seat belts fastened and you should know where the nearest emergency exit is, and how to use the life vest and the oxygen mask. This is why you should listen to the instructions of the crew.
  • In flights, hair grows faster.
    Judging by the photo and the hair that could be enough for another head, this is definitely true.
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