The Reasons Why We Really Need to Look Out for White Stripes on Chicken

The study also claimed that chicken meat lost some of its nutritional value over the years, increasing concerns that the white stripes signified that the meat was gradually losing functioning proteins. However, a survey given as part of the study claimed that the white stripes only impacted around 12% of fillets, so it’s hard to make conclusive connections.

Generally, white-striped meat is believed to be safe to eat, although there is still another drawback: the taste. Compared to healthier chickens, the meat could be tougher, often being called “woody”. It’s also believed to have less flavor and doesn’t absorb marinade very well.

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6 thoughts on “The Reasons Why We Really Need to Look Out for White Stripes on Chicken

  1. So disheartened to read articles like this. As if these chickens are commodities and not suffering individuals. Go VEGAN and we won’t have to worry about such disgusting white lines.

  2. Gee the meat industry did not learn it’s lesson using cannibalism to feed pelletized cow remains to cows producing mad cow disease. Lets feed poultry oil to poultry and see what cannibalism induced traits of the meat produces what maladies in humans. Who needs population control with foods like this. Cannablism — it’s not just for dinner any more.

  3. Quality of chicken has changed. The taste is bland. Especially the Brest. Grew up on home raised chickens. Not the same . Don’t think my taste buds have changed. That’s why they put teriyaki, pound Brett’s to fine paper thickness and infuse with spices.

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