The Reasons Why These 7 Popular Foods Can Mess With Your Kidneys

Kidneys play a very important role in your body — they are in charge of removing waste through urine, producing hormones, and filtering out toxins and extra fluid in your blood. That’s why you should take good care of your kidneys and try to keep them healthy. Sadly, some foods can harm them and affect their normal functioning if eaten in excess.

We made a list of 7 of the most popular foods that can seriously damage your kidneys.

1. Avocados

7 Popular Foods That Can Mess With Your Kidneys
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Although avocados are popular and praised for their various nutritious qualities, eating too many of them might be dangerous for your kidneys, especially if you already have a kidney disease. And the reason is that this fruit has a very high level of potassium.

Our bodies need this mineral, but too much potassium in the blood can cause serious problems like muscle cramping and an irregular heartbeat.

2. Meat

7 Popular Foods That Can Mess With Your Kidneys
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Eating too much meat may cause kidney problems because animal proteins can be very hard to metabolize, making the elimination of waste products a burden for the kidneys. A diet rich in animal proteins could also lead to developing kidney stones. Meat stimulates the production of uric acid, which is one of the common causes of kidney stones.

You could eat more vegetables and nuts instead and you’ll still get the proteins your body needs.

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