The Dog You Choose Can Say a Lot About You

Dogs have lived alongside us humans for so long that we can now both relate to each other’s personalities. We love them and trust them with our safety, and in return, they shower us with unselfish love. It’s this close bond that humans and dogs share that causes us to like a dog that best reflects our personality.

We made a collection of 7 different dog breeds and associated their temperament to the personalities of those who like them the most. Choose a dog of your liking and get to know more about yourself.

Australian Shepherd

The Dog You Choose Can Say a Lot About You

In life, you seek fun and adventure. Treading the untraveled path is your dream. You are intelligent and highly energetic and enjoy participating in activities that challenge you both physically and mentally. Helping people is in your nature and you are immensely protective of those whom you consider close.

However, you tend to get bored easily and it might lead you to lose focus from your goals. It is thereby advised to keep yourself engaged in some creative activity to fight against boredom.


The Dog You Choose Can Say a Lot About You

You’re extroverted and intelligent and want to be the center of attention. Your friendly and lively persona makes getting along with people seem like a cakewalk. Being goal-oriented is in your nature and you don’t stop until you achieve what you desire. However, your relentless pursuit to achieve your goals can sometimes become obsessive. It is therefore recommended to mindfully set your priorities.

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