The 20 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train By Their Owner In USA

Hoping to bring a dog into your home? Some dog breeds are easier to own than others, especially for novice dog parents. To find the easiest dog breeds to own, we took a look at a variety of important characteristics. And you might be surprised by the traits that matter most.

For instance, you might think you want a smart dog. But highly intelligent dogs aren’t always the easiest to train (because train-ability is more about a dog’s willingness to follow instructions than his ability to understand them). And you might assume an active dog will be the simplest to keep healthy. But a dog with a lower energy level and no genetic predisposition to disease will actually be easier to handle. Plus, choosing a dog with an easygoing temperament — and minimal grooming needs — will go a long way toward keeping you sane.

Ready to find the perfect dog? Check out 2 of the easiest dog breeds to train by their owner.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

English toy spaniel

Want a dog who really, really loves people? Then, consider the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. According to the AKC, these friendly little dogs “do equally well with active types and homebodies — they can be loyal hiking partners or shameless couch potatoes, depending on the owner’s personality — as long as they get a satisfying walk each day.”

These spaniels have a moderate energy level so need some exercise. But they are friendly and easy to train. You can trust them with children, and according to VetStreet, “The little spaniels are attracted to people the way strawberry jam is to peanut butter. If a Cavalier sees an empty lap, he is likely to jump into it, whether he knows the person or not. And a Cavalier who sees a stranger on the street may just veer in that person’s direction, anxious to make a new friend.”

Though PetWave reports this dog breed loves running around outside as much as curling up inside, this spaniel is a true companion dog. That means you shouldn’t leave him alone for too long.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retriever dog

America loves Labs. So it probably doesn’t surprise you to hear these adorable dogs are easy to own. Labs can learn just about anything that you throw at them. The AKC reports Labs are friendly and outgoing. They make great companions, show dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs, and service dogs. Labs also make great family dogs because they get along easily with children and with other pets. Plus, they have a short coat that requires only occasional grooming.

So it’s no accident the Labrador retriever is the most popular dog in America. They live long and healthy lives. They have playful personalities, and they want to entertain and help you. Plus, they’re good companions for athletic people and can even train as canine athletes themselves.

However, Labrador retrievers qualify as what the AKC calls a “very active” dog breed. So don’t expect them to lounge on the couch all day. “Don’t confuse his laid-back personality for low energy,” the organization warns. “The Labrador retriever is extremely active — he’s never met a backyard he didn’t like.”

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