The 12 Most Terrifying And Dangerous Ski Runs on the Planet


Corbet’s Couloir

WHERE: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Think you can conquer “America’s Scariest Ski Run”? Try your luck at Jackson Hole’s Corbet’s Couloir—a legendary chute that strikes fear into the hearts of everyone. Free-fall is the name of the game on this double-diamond run. Skiers plunge into a tight 10-foot wide chute before sinking into an abyss of snow-covered overhangs. Rugged rock walls abound, adding an extra level of danger to this heart-stopping ride.


Hakuba 47

WHERE: Hakuba 47, Japan

Nestled in the Japanese Alps, Hakuba 47 is known for its abundant snowfall and volcanic peaks. Trail guides show a number of wide runs, but to go extreme, skiers need to get off the map. Backcountry trails offer up steep double-diamond trails with lots of trees to whip around. Toss in an active volcano nearby, and skiers are guaranteed the ride of a lifetime.

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