Signs of a Stroke You Should Never Ignore (Men And Women) Also What To Do In The Case Of An Emergency

An Altered Mental State

This is a stroke symptom that you cannot afford to ignore. When you experience a stroke, you may feel disoriented or confused. You may become agitated or start hallucinating. The people around you may notice sudden behavioral changes. In some cases, you may also become unresponsive.

If you or someone you know experiences an altered mental state, it is a sign that medical care is needed right away. When you notice someone else showing stroke symptoms, ask them to repeat a phrase back to you. Listen to their repetition to see if they are slurring their words. You will also want to look for changes in their normal personality or behavior.

When you are the person experiencing a potential stroke, do not drive yourself to the hospital. You should always call 911 to get professional medical care. Avoid moving the person until the paramedics arrive. Once you get to the hospital, doctors will conduct diagnostic tests to figure out the problem.

Problems Walking

Another common stroke symptom is problems walking. When you have a stroke, it interferes with your ability to balance. Because of this, you may have problems standing up. If you try to walk, you may keep falling down.

If you think that someone else is having a stroke, look at their coordination. Even normal tasks will suddenly seem impossible. A stroke cuts off the blood supply to the brain, so this makes balancing difficult. If the individual is allowed to walk around, they may fall and become injured.

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