Scientists Reveal How to Control Your Dreams and Lower Stress and Anxiety

Research and studies now reveal how you can use lucid dreaming to control your problems, fights stress and anxiety in life.

Have you seen the movie Inception? It isn’t entirely farfetched because a thing called lucid dreaming can work wonders for you. Scientists have made a revolutionary discovery and that is of lucid dreaming, which means that an individual knows in their sleep mode that they are dreaming and fully aware of it.

This is a hybrid state between fully awake or asleep and the good news is that experts have found ways to utilize it productively. Now many people will confuse lucid dreaming with a kind of psychosis which is a medical condition but instead, scientists have proven that controlling dreams can be therapeutic and beneficial for many.

We got curious about how conscious sleeping can help us deal with stress, anxiety and some other psychological problems. Check out what we’ve found!

Those with nightmares can be trained to control their dreams

Those with nightmares can be trained to control their dreams

Medical experts have confidence that people suffering from recurring nightmares can be trained to dream lucidly so that they are aware that they are just dreaming and wake up fully conscious and confident.

Research says humans can build their own dreams

Research says humans can build their own dreams

In fact, even more, profound is the discovery that humans now can possibly build their own dreams which are beautiful, motivating and inspirational. The dreams have the power of positively affecting the psychical body and mind and therefore reduce stress and anxieties in many cases. Another added advantage is that artists too can experience creative lucid dreams. They could visualize their dreams clearly and this would inspire them to be more creative in their art.

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