If You’re Experiencing Any Of These 8 Symptoms, You May Have A Meningitis

Severe And Sudden Fever

If you notice a fever that occurs seemingly out of nowhere, you may be dealing with this illness. Children who develop meningitis will shake and shiver because they feel overly cold, even if not in low-temperature conditions. Not only is the fever out of the blue, but it can also be immensely serious. If dealing with meningitis, your body temperature will rise thoroughly and will be stubborn to get rid of. Because fever is a signal of many other illnesses, take note when a fever occurs accompanied with any other symptoms of meningitis.

Nausea And Loss Of Appetite

Commonly, severe stomachaches and lack of appetite can occur when infected with this disease. If you’re also feeling the need to throw up, or having extreme nausea, you may be ill with meningitis.

Inability To Bend Legs

Common when children are infected, this sign of meningitis will cause you to have issues unbending your legs. You may find yourself suffering while laying down with your legs bent at the knee, and unable to unbend them when you try. It’ll also be difficult to extend your legs fully.

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