If You’re Experiencing Any Of These 8 Symptoms, You May Have A Meningitis

We’ve all heard of the disease meningitis, but are you aware of the dangers that can occur when left untreated? Particularly, the bacterial strain of meningitis needs urgent medical care in the form of antibiotics. When a person develops meningitis, there is an inflammation and infection of the brain and spinal cord’s protective and delicate membranes.

Thankfully, this dangerous type of bacterial disease doesn’t develop as often as viral meningitis does. Although it’s important to treat both types of the disease, viral meningitis is not deathly and has symptoms that are much less severe. Symptoms of both types of meningitis are almost indistinguishable.

These are 8 of the most recognizable signs of meningitis that you should be aware of.

Significant Headaches

Headaches that appear suddenly are common of many illnesses, but if you notice an extremely serious headache, sometimes accompanied by intense pains in your neck or head, you may be dealing with meningitis. When infants have this disease, they may develop a swelling or lump on their fontanel, the space between bones in the skull.

Bright Light Sensitivity

If you notice that all of the sudden you have a sensitivity to artificial lights or even light from the sun, you may be at risk for meningitis. This sensitivity can cause pain and distress. When children have meningitis, they will have an instinct to stay away from these bright lights due to their ability to cause watery eyes and discomfort.

Stubborn Skin Rashes

People who have become impacted by meningitis often develop rashes of the skin, usually found on the arms. If you notice this symptom, conduct this easy at-home test to determine if your rash is caused by meningitis. Place a kitchen glass tightly against the rash, taking note of the light change in skin color that occurs.

You’ll be pleased to hear that if your rash also changes color with the pressure of the glass, meningitis isn’t the culprit. If you don’t notice that applied pressure changes the color of your rash, you may be dealing with meningitis.

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