How the Lives of the Most Famous Twins, Who Share One Body, Turned Out

How the twins are different

How the Lives of the Most Famous Twins, Who Share One Body, Turned Out

Problems in the development of such a complex body started to present themselves over time. At the age of 12, Abby and Brittany had to deal with one of them: Abby started to grow very quickly and her backbone started to stretch which could result in a break of their shared chest. Doctors had to slow down the growth and save the girl’s lives, but Abby still grew 10 cm, so Brittany had to walk on her toes.

Visiting surgeons, neurologists, pediatricians has been a routine for the twins since childhood. And despite their constant examinations, Abby has already had pneumonia and Brittany had to spend weeks in bed together with her sister.

Despite their similar appearance, Abby and Brittany have completely different personalities and qualities, Abby is an introvert, she loves spending evenings at home, but she loves giving orders, and is scared of heights. Brittany, in turn, despite being quiet, loves spending time with her friends. By the way, even food tastes are different to each of them: Abby hates milk, but Brittany can easily drink it, but she hates meat or fish.

In childhood, the girls often had fights, but now they are able to find a compromise quickly. For example, Abby loves the color purple and Brittany loves the color gold, this is why their room has purple walls with gold shelves on them.

When choosing clothes, they also have trouble — it is hard for them to find comfortable clothes that both of them like. Also, the clothes they choose are changed according to their individual tastes and sizes.

What they agree on is that they don’t like being photographed or stared at. They are okay with answering questions from strangers or having a chat with someone, but people rarely understand them, so the sisters often have to hide behind their friends.

How the Lives of the Most Famous Twins, Who Share One Body, Turned Out

In school, the twins always took their exams separately — they had different tasks and they were watched so they didn’t give each other tips. With almost no exceptions, they had different grades — Abby is good at natural sciences and Brittany has an inclination toward humanitarian subjects.

The girls had a tough time with their driving exam: they had to take the exam twice. Abby controlled the pedals and gears, and Brittany was watching the turn signals and lights.

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