A Weekend Diet That Can Help You Lose 6 Pounds for Just Saturday and Sunday

You’re not losing as much weight as you expect because you’re not breaking your diet enough. Well, that’s what this diet suggests. It argues that you can burn up to 6 lb (2.7 kg) by controlling your eating only during the weekends instead of almost fasting for the entire week. Who would possibly not want that!

This weight loss plan and get the results you want faster.

Instead of jumping between diets, shakes, and the same boring salads over weeks, months, and even years, you can just eat normally during the week and have special diet weekends to get back the body you had when you were a teen.

A Weekend Diet That Can Help You Lose 6 Pounds for Just Saturday and Sunday

No need to feel like you’re on a hunger strike, limit yourself to liquids or eat food portions that could fit into a doll’s plate. There’s no secret either. You only need to eat in moderation and choose the right products like those that improve digestion and burn calories more easily. Saturday and Sunday, that’s all it takes. Up for the challenge? Here we go!


A Weekend Diet That Can Help You Lose 6 Pounds for Just Saturday and Sunday
  • Breakfast: a rye bread sandwich with 200 g of cottage cheese. You can pair this with your regular coffee or tea, just keep sugar and sweeteners away.
  • Lunch: a full and fun salad containing these ingredients for 2 people:
    1 avocado
    1 cucumber
    Half a boiled potato
    A few croutons
    A tasty salad dressing made out of lemon juice, dill, mustard, and pepper
  • Dinner: 100 g of fish with some spices cooked inside the oven. For dessert, have 200 g of kefir or low-fat Greek yogurt.
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