9 Warning Signs That Mean Your Body May Not Be Able To Properly Digest Meat

Do you like to enjoy a cheeseburger or steak every once in a while? Keep in mind that while meat has a high concentration of healthy nutrients, there are also hard-to-digest saturated fats and toxins your body may have a hard time dealing with.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible warning signs telling you that your diet may have too much meat in it.

Do You See Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

This is a little-known factor that even health professionals sometimes forget to pay attention to. Dark circles under your eyes don’t always come from the fact that you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Pay attention to when they are most pronounced. If it’s the day after you’ve eaten meat, then it might be time to cut back on those steaks.

When your gut lining has been compromised, meat particles are seen as foreign invaders by your body as they pass through your gut wall. In order to get rid of these particles, your body creates antibodies. As these antibodies help eliminate the meat, the overall reaction turns into dark circles under the eyes.

Experiencing Constipation?

Three factors might contribute to experiencing constipation after eating meat.

First, the enemy of constipation is fiber. There are low amounts of fiber in red meat.

Second, if the meat you eat is on the higher spectrum in terms of fat, your body will have a harder time digesting it. Indigestion may occur as a result of this.

Third, consider that red meat is usually high in iron. Too much iron will cause constipation.

Quick tip: Studies have shown that bowel cancer may be a result of eating too much red meat. Try eating chicken or seafood instead. Adding grains and vegetables to your meal will help offset your intake of meat.

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