9 Reasons to Start Eating Peanut Butter

3. It decreases stress levels.

It contains a plant sterol — called beta-sitosterol, which can help to normalize levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Its healthy fats, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C help you to make up for the lack of these elements in your body, which will make you feel better. Also, combined with your favorite snack, it will have even a better effect on your mood.

4. It promotes brain activity and memory.

9 Reasons to Start Eating Peanut Butter

The vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, and niacin in peanuts support brain activity. Vitamin E is also able to boost memory, especially for older people. It was even found out that it helps to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. So, a jar of peanut butter could be a good snack to have on hand for your dear grandparents!

5. It helps muscles recover after a workout.

9 Reasons to Start Eating Peanut Butter

It’s a great pre- and post- workout food. Its fats and carbs will fill you with energy enough for the whole session. It’s also rich in potassium which plays a key role in muscle health in terms of recovery. Moreover, it can prevent you from having sore muscles and cramps, so your workout session will turn into a pleasure.

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