9 Mistakes Most of Us Make When Eating Out

Helping waiters clean the table

It seems to us that if we place the plates on the edge of the table, it will be much easier for the waiters to take them. But, in fact, this is not true: every waiter has their own system of collecting plates and, most of the time, we only make their jobs more complicated. Also, don’t put plates on top of each other because they are never carried this way. The thing is, plates on top of each other are more prone to cracking.

Besides, if you broke a glass or a cup, don’t try to collect the pieces from the floor: if you cut yourself, the waiter will not only have to clean the floor, but also help you with your wounds.

Asking the kitchen to cook a dish that is not on the menu

9 Mistakes Most of Us Make When Eating Out

Sometimes, guests ask waiters to bring them a dish that is not on the menu. Of course, most of the time, the kitchen can still cook what you are asking for, but this is not a good thing to do.

The first reason is that the price of the dish is calculated in advance and if the head chef is not at work at the moment, it is very hard to calculate the new price. And the second reason is that all of the food in restaurants is made in accordance with technological cards, which means that the amount of ingredients are very precise in order to make the taste as balanced as possible.

Finally, every cafe and restaurant teaches its employees to cook exactly the food that is on the menu. And even if the chef is highly-qualified, and you are at an expensive restaurant, there is no guarantee that the steak that is not on the menu will be cooked correctly and that you will definitely enjoy it.

Leaving a bad review about a restaurant on the internet if you didn’t like the service

On the internet, there are a lot of different websites where people go to leave reviews about cafes and restaurants. These websites are obviously very useful for people who want to find a good place to eat at, but none of what people write in their reviews actually influences the inner workings of the place.

If you really want to make a place better (service or food quality), spend your time writing a letter to the manager or the owner on paper or using a form on the website. These reviews are always checked and taken into account.

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