8 Home First-Aid Kit Rules We Often Ignore

We are almost sure that there is no family that doesn’t have some kind of first-aid kit. Some have a small number of the most necessary medications, some have several boxes of different pills. But in any case, everyone should know the main rules for storing medicine.

We decided to put together a list of the biggest mistakes people make when handling medicine and share them with you.

8. Keeping the medicine in the fridge in the wrong way

8 Home First-Aid Kit Rules We Often Ignore, and It Can Affect Our Health

Some medications should be stored in cold temperatures and the fridge is the best place for that. However, the doors are not the best option. The temperature of the doors is several degrees higher and it fluctuates because they are opened so often. So, it’s best if you create a separate shelf for your medications.

In order to protect the medications from temperature fluctuations and humidity is to keep them in a container. But don’t put it too close to the back of the fridge because liquid medications can freeze there, which can be harmful.

7. Throwing away the package, with the instructions

8 Home First-Aid Kit Rules We Often Ignore, and It Can Affect Our Health

We believe that everyone has experienced a situation where they buy a pack of pills and the manual just disappears. Well, this is a bad thing. Yes, you can find the expiration date on the pack, but the other important information is gone. The manual can also help you decide if you really need this medication and the package protects it from the light.

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