8 Hidden Psychological Problems Your Partner Might Have If They Check Your Phone

Getting a sneak peek at your spouse’s texts can be really tempting, especially if you know that they will never find out about this small act of mischief from your side. In fact, studies show that 34% of women and 62% of men snoop on their partner’s phone from time to time. And the reason for this snooping is not only jealousy. It turns out, there could be some deeper psychological motives that could push your better half into checking these messages and other personal data on your phone.

We found out 8 reasons why your partner might be trying to snoop on you and what it means for your relationship.

8. Your partner has low self-esteem.

Although a snooper might think that it is the other person who they do not trust, it is actually the opposite. In most cases, when someone looks through their partner’s text messages, emails, DMs, and so on, they’re worried that they are not enough (or, on the contrary, too much), and feel the need to search for validation.

Even in a stable, long-term relationship, these people believe that their partner deserves someone better and, consequently, can be easily attracted to another person.

7. Your partner is not satisfied with the relationship.

In a healthy relationship, both partners trust each other unconditionally and respect each other’s rights to privacy, personal space, and having a life that extends past the time they spend together. But if one of them feels a strong urge to snoop, this might be the reason to seriously question the relationship.

Perhaps your partner just isn’t sure that you’re heading in the right direction. Or perhaps they haven’t decided yet if they want to be with you or not. Either way, snooping might point out that you and your partner have completely different values, and you should talk about them as soon as possible.

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