8 Healthy Foods We Shouldn’t Overdose On

Ever since the Mediterranean diet was proven to be a healthier one, people realized just how much food relates to health. Unfortunately, much of the buzz made around this new dietary habit focused on increasing the consumption of one single product, yet not even the so-called superfoods can offer all the nutrients and health benefits of a balanced diet.

We’ve looked into what can happen when you overdose on healthy foods.

1. Carrots

8 Healthy Foods We Shouldn’t Overdose On

Carrots are packed with beta-carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A. Such a thing as excess vitamin A does not exist because your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A as needed. Unfortunately, excess beta-carotene in your body can cause carotenemia, a disease that turns your skin yellowish. It gradually disappears as the carotene is processed and causes no harm.

2. Kombucha

8 Healthy Foods We Shouldn’t Overdose On

The Chinese drink that conquered the millennial foodie world comes with digestive benefits and is said to increase gut bacteria. However, it also contains a compound called FODMAP, a byproduct of yeast fermentation which if consumed in great quantities, can cause bloating and digestive distress.

3. Water

8 Healthy Foods We Shouldn’t Overdose On

Too much water can create an electrolyte imbalance by sending sodium levels down to the floor when your kidneys can’t process it anymore. Another consequence, in extreme cases, is water accumulation in the brain which makes it swell and increases pressure since human skulls can’t stretch. Although very rare, both cases have been seen in athletes feeling a compulsive need to rehydrate after a long training session or in people with kidney problems.

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