7 Small Apartment Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Small apartments are always associated with a lack of space. We rack our brains trying to understand how to save precious inches but still have everything we want. All in all, we get rid of some things as we think there isn’t enough space or they aren’t suitable for a small apartment.

We introduce some ideas that will help you save some space in a small apartment without throwing your belongings away. There’s also a bonus at the end: small (but still cozy and spacious) 2-story rooms.

Problem #7: No space for clothes.

The most frequent question when it comes to a small apartment is “Where to put all my clothes and shoes?” A wardrobe isn’t the best choice as it takes up too much space and it’s not easy to quickly grab what you need from it.

7 Small Apartment Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Solution #1: A cloakroom. Even the smallest flats have enough space to place a cloakroom in them. It takes no more space than a usual wardrobe but it’s much more useful and comfortable: you may supply it with rails for hangers, shelves, shoe units, baskets, and so on. You may also install sliding doors and hang a mirror on them.

7 Small Apartment Problems and Ways to Fix Them

If you have a small apartment, you may click here to have a look at different floor plans and choose the ones you like.

7 Small Apartment Problems and Ways to Fix Them

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