7 Myths About Plane Catastrophes Too Many People Tend to Believe

#5. A hole in the side of the plane can suck people out.

Some movies, like “Final Destination” (New Line Cinema, 2000) have speculated on this one. They portray this type of accident in an aircraft as creating a vacuum effect. However, this is not quite realistic.

Yes, it’s true there’s a significant difference between air pressure outside and inside a plane, however it’s not enough to make a full vacuum so that passengers will be immediately sucked out of the plane. The reality is that a rush of air will blow around light objects and it will become a cold in the cabin, and of course, oxygen masks will drop. But it will definitely not look like those movie scenes.

#4. Losing an engine is fatal.

7 Myths About Plane Catastrophes Too Many People Tend to Believe

This one is quite popular in Hollywood. If an aircraft loses an engine in a movie, this will probably lead to crash. However, the truth is that even an aircraft with just one engine can easily survive in this case.

There have been many instances of a safe powerless landing. Most aircrafts have two or more engines specifically for these kinds of accidents. Planes are designed so that even if an engine fails during take-off, it can still take-off, fly around and land.

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