7 Chillaxing Exercises That’ll Release Stress From Your System

If you feel stressed, you will probably start to notice that your muscles start to tense up, your breathing becomes heavy, and your heart pounds faster. All of these are a sign that your body has been under a lot of pressure and tension, which affects your mood and health too. However, there are some simple, yet effective relaxation techniques that can ease these symptoms and make your day brighter.

We have some proven and practical exercises for you that you will find relaxing, even during the first few tries.

1. Muscle relaxation

7 Chillaxing Exercises That’ll Release Stress From Your System

Progressive muscle relaxation techniques will not only help you deal with stress, but they will also help with chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. This exercise is focused on tightening or tensing specific muscle groups at a time (lower legs, thighs, stomach, etc.). The best way is to start from your lower extremities and continue upward:

  • Inhale and tighten a muscle group (start with your lower legs) for 5-10 seconds. Then exhale and release all the tension.
  • Now pause for 10-20 seconds to give yourself time to relax and continue with the next group (thighs, hips and buttocks, stomach, back, chest, face, around the mouth and the back of the neck, eyes and the bridge of the nose, forehead, shoulders, arms, and hands).
  • When you release the tension, it is good to focus on the changes you feel at that moment. Visualization has a greater effect on the stress relief process.
  • Don’t rush, slowly progress all the way up the body and continue to contract and relax the muscles, like you did with the first muscle group.
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