7 Bedtime Mistakes That Make Us Gain Weight At Night

Seeing extra pounds on the scale not only leads to frustration but may also cause many health problems. According to research, being overweight increases your risk of dying prematurely. However, the answer to sudden weight gain may be found in your evening routine. If you’re aware of the reasons behind the pounds you’re gaining, you can take precautions, and choose a healthier way of living.

We have gathered the most common bedtime mistakes that eventually lead to weight gain. Forewarned is forearmed, they say. Let’s go through the list together and try not to make them again!

Using electronic devices in the evening

7 Bedtime Mistakes That Make Us Gain Weight At Night

Studies confirm that using electronic devices that emit blue light before sleep is linked to sleep deprivation and eventual weight gain. These devices interfere with the body’s production of melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for regulating sleep cycles. Instead of browsing through social networks before going to bed, choose to read an interesting book in print or listen to relaxing music.

Setting the alarm too late

7 Bedtime Mistakes That Make Us Gain Weight At Night

Believe it or not, researchers say that people who are exposed to bright light earlier in the morning have lower body mass index, than those who’re exposed to light later. It’s proven that even 20-30 minutes of natural outdoor light affects your body mass index. So wake up early and go for a morning run!

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