5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Our Smartphones

You may be keeping it close for an alarm or even to observe the quality of your sleep for health purposes. However, your cell phone is not a good sleep companion! In addition to bedtime, your phone is harming you during the day in more ways than you realize.

We’ll show you the common mistakes you need to be aware of to enjoy your technology in a healthier manner.

1. Sleeping with it

5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Our Smartphones

A cell phone is basically an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver. That means it emits radio waves. Although it’s not been proven yet, research continues to show how the waves may affect your brain after being exposed for long hours. It can wake you up with notifications during your sleep cycle, to say the least. If it’s impossible for you to turn it off completely or keep it in another room while you’re asleep, try keeping it on airplane mode.

2. Being exposed to blue light for too long

5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Our Smartphones

The light from your screen suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle which is another reason you shouldn’t be near it while you sleep. Blue light also causes headaches and eye and sight problems. Try resetting the light levels on your phone and turning on the blue light filter.

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