The Secrets the Emergency Room Staff Would Never Tell You

We hate it when you ask us what your insurance covers.

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ER staff, including the department clerks, doctors and nurses, have no way of knowing what your insurance covers or what you’ll be responsible for financially during your visit. It’s up to you to contact your insurance company to see about coverage and the co-payment and/or deductible you may need to pay based on your treatment.

We want you to research the best hospital ER for your needs first.

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According to¬†Anthony Kouri, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery, University of Toledo Medical Center, “If you bring a child to be treated at a hospital that has no pediatric care, you will waste a lot of time and a lot of money. If you can help it, research where to go before you leave. For instance, if you have a bad burn, it’s better to go to a higher-level trauma center with dedicated burn specialists than a small community hospital.”

Vomiting might get you treated faster.

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According to Dr. Kouri, MD, “The clerks in the waiting area do not like vomit. If you are in the waiting area and begin to vomit profusely, you will be moved more quickly into a room.”

However, we don’t suggest this as a healthy strategy to get treated quickly.

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