29 Reconstructed Faces Of Ancient People From The Neanderthals To Jesus

Bringing History — And Ancient People — To Life

Humans are highly visual creatures. Some of us have to see something before we can believe it. In this sense, observing the face of someone that’s been reconstructed from a lump of bone can help us to visualize — and therefore understand — our evolutionary history more clearly.

On top of this, it’s just really, really interesting.

For instance, meet Dawn, a teenager from the Mesolithic period — around 7,000 B.C. — who was so named for being born around the dawn of civilization.

Scientists in Greece reconstruct the faces of 9,000-year-old women using 3D printing and some truly on-point sleuthing.

Obviously, there are important facts to be gleaned from studying the bones of our ancestors. We can know if they died from a certain illness, like Nebiri the Egyptian dignitary who is the oldest documented case of heart failure.

We can learn about what kind of work they did. We can determine what their diet was and if they were native to the area in which their bones were located.

These are all great discoveries. But the difference between seeing bones and seeing facial expressions; that’s the difference between humanoid and humanity.

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