27 Totally Weird And Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The world around us is wonderful and unpredictable. Great minds will never stop trying to solve all the amazing riddles and prove the crazy theories that you really want to believe in.

We have collected 20 facts that may sound unreal but are, in fact, absolutely true.

20 Totally Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Coffee radically changes tastes. That’s why we love to eat something sweet with this drink.
  • Rejection and physical pain are the same to your brain. Mu-opioid sensory receptors are activated when you are rejected, and the same receptors “work” when you feel pain.

20 Totally Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  • An airplane can fly more than 100 miles with a hole in the fuel cell with both turbines off. Such a case actually happened once.
  • Monkeys see faces on inanimate objects. They see optical illusions because they always fear for their lives. They are also more likely to imagine their enemies in everything around them.
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