20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

17. Airport assistance for the disabled, the elderly, and for young travelers.

20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

Some airports offer their own private services, while others have an international network of airport assistance. This service offers assistance, medical help, security, feeding support, and other services for elderly passengers, disabled tourists, and minor children traveling alone. Most of the services are free for disabled people.

16. A connecting flight is twice as many miles and a night at a good hotel.

20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

A connection flight may be way cheaper than a direct flight, and it is awarded more miles. You can even make such flights a separate adventure: if you have more than 8 hours between the flights, you can leave the airport and walk in the city.

Many airline companies offer you a free room in a good hotel if you have a connecting flight (in case if you have a 6-hour gap or more between the flights) and a city tour.

15. Listen to other passengers: there is often a lot of entertainment in airports that not everyone knows about.

Munich’s airport has its own brewery, Helsinki’s has a few kinds of saunas, and in Amsterdam’s, there is a branch of one of the biggest museums of art in the Netherlands.

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