20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

There are special rules in every airport. Many of them are known only to the employees, like where they can eat tasty food for little money, how they can get presents from air companies, and how they can get into the cockpit or get airport assistance.

In this article, We have collected 20 tricks for making travel an amazing journey. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a business person who travels all the time; everyone who comes to the airport should know these tricks.

20. Take your pet with you if you are scared of flying alone.

20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

If you have a special paper from your psychologist that says that you need your pet for emotional support (ESA), some American and European airlines will allow you to take your animal on board. But before the flight, you need to ask the airline for permission.

19. You can take your favorite shampoos and save some space using travel kits.

20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

Travel kits are sold in cosmetics stores: small bottles with wide necks so that you can easily pour liquids and gels into them. This is a great idea if you want to use cosmetics to which you are accustomed instead of either expensive, new varieties or cheap shampoos and soap that are provided in hotels.

18. Cheap tickets, half-full planes, no delays and turbulance — these are night flights.

20 Little-Known Tricks That Can Be Very Useful in Every Airport

According to statistics, there are fewer passengers at night, there are almost no travelers with kids, planes are not delayed, and you won’t have to waste time in lines. The only exception is charter flights.

Most storms happen in the second part of the day, and the air is fresher at night because there is no sunshine. This is why planes rarely experience turbulence at night.

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