19 Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Any flight can be stressful. What is normal on the ground looks absolutely different and possibly uncomfortable up in the air. Whether you are choosing an outfit for a short or a long-distance flight, it is important that you feel comfortable and at the same time stay out of trouble.

We collected some tips from flight attendants and fellow travelers about things not to wear on a plane. Read until the end to find a bonus and figure out which clothes can stop your journey right at the airplane door. We know what you shouldn’t do on a plane to make your trip easy and pleasant.

Wear contact lenses

Contacts usually make your eyes drier. Combined with the dry air inside the plane, this brings rather uncomfortable results. That’s why you’d better wear glasses or one-day lenses if you have a long flight. You will also need eye drops.

Take a flight with a stuffy nose

A stuffy nose adds much pressure to your ears, and it can lead to a trauma. Of course, no one is asking you to stay home because you have a cold, but in such cases, you need to have some vasoconstrictive drops to use before taking off and landing.

However, sinusitis and maxillitis are too serious for air trips. If you can’t cancel the flight, you should surely consult a doctor.

Sit motionless

During a flight, your blood circulation is slower, and sitting without any movement increases the risk of thrombosis. Follow some simple rules to avoid it:

  • Stand up, and take short walks around the cabin.
  • Wear clothing that doesn’t constrict your movement.
  • Take your shoes off during the flight.
  • In case you have blood circulation troubles, take compression socks or tights with you.
  • Once in a while, take some exercise. It is enough to just lift and drop down your toes and heels.

Drink carbonated drinks

Gassiness is another output of pressure changes, and it can be quite uncomfortable. Carbonated drinks stimulate the process, which is why you should not eat or drink any flatulence-increasing products (brown bread, beans, apples, etc.).

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