19 Secret Code Words Passengers Aren’t Supposed to Know

6. The number of sounds

15+ Code Words Passengers Aren’t Supposed to Know

Aside from code words, there are also special sound notifications. Passengers can use them, for example, when they need to call a flight attendant. For this, they need to press the button above their seat. But in other situations, this sound can mean something different.

  • During landing, when all the seatbelts are fastened, one bell signals that the landing gear is being used, and the second bell during landing means that flight attendants can leave their seats and should start the procedure of leading the passengers out of the plane.
  • 3 short bells mean that the plane crew needs to return to their seats and listen to a message from the captain.
  • 5 short bells signal that an immediate evacuation is necessary.

7. Number codes

15+ Code Words Passengers Aren’t Supposed to Know

Aside from letters and sounds, numbers are used:

  • 7,500 is a transponder code which means an aircraft has been hijacked, or is threatened by hijackers.
  • 7,600 indicates a radio failure.
  • 7,700 is a more general emergency code.

Flight attendants claim that there is one more secret word that is known only to the crew of that specific flight. A new code is picked right before each flight in order to give a secret signal to the captain, in case of danger.

8. “Ditch”

15+ Code Words Passengers Aren’t Supposed to Know

The meaning of the code word Ditch can even be found in the dictionary now. It is used when landing in the water is necessary.

9. “Last-minute paperwork”

15+ Code Words Passengers Aren’t Supposed to Know

This phrase, that is used by pilots before their flight (something like, “we have last-minute paperwork”), actually means that the flight is delayed because of some unexpected situation. For example, the maintenance crew needs to check everything to make sure the plane is ready for the flight.

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