15 Unexplained Discoveries That Make Us Question Everything

An Ancient Greek Analogue Computer

We think that computers have only existed since the late 20th Century, but we couldn’t be more wrong. Archeologists discovered a computing device aboard a wrecked Greek ship and dubbed it the Antikythera mechanism. The clocks on the device didn’t tell time. Instead, the device measured celestial bodies with such accuracy that historians and scientists were stunned that the ancient Greeks had built it. Only fragments have the device have survived.

Scholars are working on deciphering the rest of the inscriptions to solve more of its mysteries. With the information that they do have, historians and scientists have been able to recreate the mechanism as they currently understand it. But who knows what they will learn if they figure out the other inscriptions or find more fragments? Maybe the ancient Greeks had their own form of internet as well!

Giant Stone Ball In Bosnia

That’s right. What would you think about the discovery of giant balls in the middle of the forest? The Bosnian Sphere has inspired all kinds of speculation, including outerspace aliens. Other people have speculated that the mysterious sphere is from a lost civilation. But geologists believe that the sphere was made through a natural process and trying to ruin all of our fun. Maybe nature could have eroded a rock into such a perfect sphere. Other mysterious stone spheres have been found on Earth, including a group of balls in Costa Rica.

The archeologist who discovered the one in Bosnia does not think these stone balls were created by nature. Sam Semir Osmanagich believes that humans created the structures through engineering techniques that we don’t understand today. The ancients, he says, liked geometric shapes. The pyramids are a perfect example of that. But the stone sphere still remains a mystery.

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