15 Unexplained Discoveries That Make Us Question Everything

Scientists and archeologists discover new things every year. The list of their discoveries can spark the imagination, especially when these experts cannot figure something out. We want to learn more about the people who lived before us, centuries ago. And we want to explore the universe and learn more about our place in it. But for every easily explainable discovery, there are several more that leave scientists and archeologists scratching their heads. The answers to their discoveries can change everything we understand about history and ourselves.

Discoveries like ancient batteries and computing devices can really throw scientists and historians for a loop. We tend to think of those inventions as something only modern people could create, but genius humans existed long ago in the past as well. Then we have scientists who discover more information about black holes and the nature of the universe. So many mysteries, so little time! Let’s take a look at some of the strangest and most intriguing discoveries that make us question everything we know.

Batteries Of The Ancient World

When archeologists came upon this weird urn in the 1930s, it did not go unnoticed. The urn had a copper cylinder and an iron bar inside of it. Adding a solution like vinegar would generate a small charge like that of a battery. The electric charge is much less than today’s batteries, but the ancient peoples did not rely on electricity the way we do today. The device would have been seen as really cool and possibly had a usefulness, but scientists aren’t sure who used the ancient batteries or why.

These mysterious batteries were found in Baghdad, so they’re often referred to simply as the Baghdad Batteries. Even cooler? The Baghdad Batteries have been dated back to 200-250 B.C., which means that they were invented thousands of years ago during what many people refer to as “Biblical times.” And the invention can be recreated, as students from Smith College learned. The clay jar with copper and iron can create an electric charge when wine or vinegar is filled at the bottom.

Magical Texts With Real Spells And Divinations

Fans of all things magical will be delighted to learn that the Newberry Library in Chicago has allowed anyone with an internet connection access to two magical texts. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the library wants help in translating the books. The three texts are the Book of Magical Charms, the Commonplace-Book and a preacher’s condemnation of witchcraft entitled Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcraft. People can visit the Transcribing Faith website to view the texts and assist with the translation efforts.

While these magical texts aren’t fully unexplainable, they do provide some mystery. Could any of the spells and charms within the books hold any power? Can translating them unleash an ancient evil spirit? Okay, maybe we have seen too many movies, but the discovery is definitely interesting. The magical texts are included as part of an exhibit that examines our nation’s relationship with religion and how it shaped society at the time.

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