15 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Are Slowly Killing You

In this age of fast living and little thinking, most of us forget to read the fine print, be it on medicines, food or even opinions. Certain things have become such an everyday aspect of our lives that it might come as a shock that they are actually the deadliest things around. Hiding behind their innocence is the radiation excessive microwave and a host of other things that are slowly contributing to your demise. Check it out and stay informed!

1. Salt

It’s well known that salt or sodium increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Combine that with the fact that Indians consume a higher average of salt per meal than most of the rest of the world and you’ve a got a recipe for disaster… a very salty disaster.

2. Cellphones

Since the huge explosion in mobile usage, studies have shown that radiofrequencies contain radioactive emissions that can cause certain kinds of cancer. So try to keep it out of your pants and maybe buy an anti radiation patch for your phone, though the effectiveness of these are debatable.

3. Potato Chips

These deep fried goodies can cause cancer of the colon, breast, bladder and prostate, apart from wreaking havoc on your skin and clogging up your arteries. Maybe just stick to some aaloo dum.

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