14 Weird But Genius But Perfectly Useful Gadgets To Try For Your Next Trips

A lot of people travel to learn something new, discover different cultures and people, or just to open their minds. But most of us travel for a change of scenery, a break from our daily routine, and to relax.

However, if we want to rest well, we need to feel comfortable. That’s why we made a list of the top travel gadgets to let you fully enjoy your vacation.

Air-conditioned shirt

This shirt will probably be popular with office workers who sit all day in front of a computer in a small and stuffy room. A special ventilation hole in this shirt will let in the air, which will circulate around your body under the shirt and prevent you from sweating. With this, you will always feel fresh and comfortable.

Sandals with a metal-detecting device

If you’ve always dreamed of being a gold digger and finding treasure but you’re too shy to walk around with a metal detector, then these sandals are just the thing for you! When there’s treasure beneath them, you’ll feel them vibrating. It’s a cool way to look for gold deposits without attracting too much attention. But maybe you should hide the battery affixed to your leg under your pants to make them look like simple sandals. Otherwise, this construction might look a bit weird.

Emergency charger

A very useful gadget nowadays when we have all our lives on our phones. If you’ve gotten into a bad situation where your phone battery is low, or if your phone is already off and there is no place to charge it, you should use this tool. You need to connect your phone to this gadget using your USB cable, and then simply twist the knob to charge your phone and be saved. But, of course, it’s mostly useful for emergency cases: one minute of twisting the knob gives your phone about 4 minutes of life to make a call or send a text.

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