12 Signals Our Body Sends To Tell Us We Are Too Stressed And How To Deal With

Our body is an incredibly complex machine that reacts not only to external changes but to internal ones too. Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist who specializes in depression, suggested quite an interesting theory about our body signals.

We would like to share some illustrations that demonstrate Babel’s theory, as well as simple recommendations on how to cope with emotional problems.

The psychologist considers discomfort and pain to be the signals of anxiety: secret fears, unresolved issues. Chronic pain is a symptom of stress and emotional problems, especially when there are no physical injuries.


Too much stress is the main cause of any headache. It can happen because of worries about possible failures, little things, or constant rushing.

Set aside some time for yourself every day. Let yourself relax, and don’t worry about anything for some time. Just take some rest, and don’t feel guilty about this. Your productivity will only be boosted thanks to this time spent in peace and quiet. And you won’t be suffering from headaches anymore.

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