12 Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Naturally Charming

In every country, women have their own secrets for how to stay young and beautiful. But French women have the most natural charm in the world because they somehow manage to look 18 at the age of 42, like Audrey Tautou. Of course there are no universal tips that can help everyone, but French women definitely have some useful habits that help them stay charming at any age.

We have discovered the secrets of the beauty routine that almost all French women follow.

12. They don’t use contouring.

12 Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Naturally Charming

French women don’t like contouring because it hides the natural features of the face and looks unnatural. What they do love is a little bronzer on the cheeks to make themselves look fresh and shiny.

11. They don’t mind imperfection.

12 Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Naturally Charming

If you take a closer look at French women and their style, you will notice that almost all of them prefer a little messiness. It may be about hair, it may be about their accessories, like a scarf, or the way their clothes are sewn. This allows them to look natural and free, as if they don’t do anything special to look beautiful.

10. They prefer red lips.

12 Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Naturally Charming

You can always brighten up your appearance by using red lipstick. Women from Paris are completely convinced of this: it does not matter what your style is, you could be wearing torn jeans and a T-shirt or a dress with a huge hat. But adding red lipstick will immediately elevate any look.

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