10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in an Airplane

Summer is the hot season for vacations, and soon many of us will find ourselves onboard airplanes heading toward adventures. Some, though, have reservations about this kind of travel due to inconveniences.

We decided to find out how air travels affect our bodies.

Your legs swell

10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in an Airplane

While onboard, you can’t walk freely and stretch your legs. Unfortunately, lack of motion results in blood stagnation in the legs which may lead to swelling or even clotting.

To avoid this, stretch your legs from time to time.

Your tastes in food change

10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in an Airplane

Scientists found that the brain areas responsible for taste preferences work differently in flight. Even those with a real sweet tooth can have a strange desire for tomato juice onboard a plane.

An unpleasant smell appears from your mouth

10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in an Airplane

Dehydration causes our body to produce less saliva, resulting in active growth of bacteria and, consequently, a bad smell.

You can avoid this by having an exclusively healthy meal before the flight and chewing peppermint gum.

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