10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach If You Want to Stay Healthy

In 2013, a joint analysis of the 15 most popular diets by The American College of Cardiology, Heart Association, and Obesity Society revealed what all these diets have in common. Apparently, all of them advise eating a lot of vegetables, avoiding added sugars, and reducing the consumption of processed food. Yet, one important issue is often forgotten: the fact that some foods, however healthy, should never be eaten on an empty stomach.

We’ve collected some products that are often referred to as healthy but are not advisable to eat for breakfast. Read this list all the way to the end to find two bonus points about a product that is actually good to consume on an empty stomach and a diet that is in fact, very healthy.

1. Bananas

10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach If You Want to Stay Healthy

Although there is a specific diet called The Morning Banana Diet which promotes eating one or more bananas for breakfast and nothing else, eating bananas on an empty stomach might not be the best idea. It is true that bananas are full of potassium, fiber, and magnesium, but they are also acidic and contain a lot of sugar.

Eating acidic food on an empty stomach can cause problems in the intestines, and getting a boost of sugar in the morning can make you feel drowsy and energy-drained after a couple of hours. These problems can be solved if you mix bananas with other foods.

2. Yogurt

10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach If You Want to Stay Healthy

Despite the idea that yogurt with fruit for breakfast is healthy and promotes weight loss, not all yogurts are a good option. Commercially available yogurts are full of added sugars as well as 0% fat yogurts. To compensate for the loss of fat in non-fat yogurts, artificial sweetener is added. Finally, not all yogurts contain enough protein. The safest option would be to go for a plain Greek-style yogurt and sweeten it yourself with honey or fruit.

3. Pre-mixed oatmeal

10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach If You Want to Stay Healthy

Oatmeal is a very healthy option for breakfast, as oats are high in fiber, vitamins, protein, and do not contain gluten. However, instant oatmeal packages have lots of added sugar, salt, and artificial coloring. If you really don’t have time to prepare regular oats, only chose the unsweetened, plain instant oats and pay attention to its preservative and fiber content.

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